Jarvis - Every time I watch it, it refreshes me of my vows and I'm overwhelmed with joy over the wife the LORD has given me—and humbled by the honor and the charge to love her like the daily gift that she is. We get to relive the day in which all of your lovely faces were in one place, showing the support that you always have which, by God's grace, was instrumental in bringing Leah and I to where we are now. Massive thanks to Charles Berlepsch for this awesomely brilliant cut (while doubling as a groomsman mind you) and Tin Sparrow Studio for the captivating keepsakes.


PASSWORD:paige111 Paige and Steve had a wonderful destination-ish wedding, an hour outside of Columbus in Mt. Vernon, Ohio. Animals everywhere, beautiful gardens - a complete oasis from city life on this little farm. Paige has been a longtime friend of mine. It was great to be around this hugely anticipated combining of lives, from the blueprints in the beginning to everything coming to fruition and turning into a beautiful, offbeat, joyous wedding day...even with a few raindrops! You see the life in their eyes, feel it in their dance moves, and hear it in their heartfelt letters to each other. It was an honor to document this fantastic union, please enjoy. see their photos here: playlist: maps of wars- branches something beautiful- andrea marie processional- freelance whales little bit of love outside -katie herzig skinny love - vitamin string quartet you and i - wilco the wait - anderson cale chupee- cocoon do you realize- flaming lips darkness- future trends Incredible footage came from Charles Berlepsh and Jera Anderson, I couldn't have made this without them! *Note: Paige + Steve had an extended video package for their wedding video, they are not usually this long and thorough (they hired a 3rd shooter and added on some extras!)