I'm a professional Film Maker working at Fox News Channel. With seven years of experience in TV marketing, I consider myself an expert at directing and producing. My strongest passion lies in finding new and engaging ways to tell stories. I have extensive global film and writing experience, and have worked for clients in four continents. Having a visually creative mind, I’m on a never-ending search for that next great idea or project--the more unique and out of the ordinary the better.

As Senior Producer Editor at ONE World Sports, I worked on branding promotional efforts and marketing for ONE World Sports on all platforms. The struggle I see with brands is aligning marketing and sales, and that’s where I come in. I communicate with and execute large-scale projects for clients such as ESPN and FOX SPORTS, while also working with stars like Pele and advertisers Geico, Citi Bank, Budweiser. I continue to deliver on minimum budgets and short timelines. In my first year at ONE World Sports, our team collected award “The Best Network Branding Campaign” by Cynopsis Network.



At FWD - a video social branding company - I collaborate with a group of creatives to harness brands through video and social media platforms. Our former clients include Nike, DSW, and Kinky Boots Broadway Play. Multimedia channels and outlets are always evolving and so are our audiences. FWD has been a successful venture thus far because I enjoy the challenge of figuring out and using new technologies to stay a mile ahead of our competition.

Let’s get the whiteboard out and start dreaming. My diverse creative experiences, leadership roles, and continual professional development are compatible with the skill set required. I enjoy demanding, ever-changing creative environments. I possess the public relation skills to thrive in any situation, with a variety of team dynamics and any assortment of personalities.



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Jason Wingrove 

"Great stuff. Must dust off my kit :-) So whats the film coming soon?"




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